Unlock your Cell Phone by Official Method

In this article we will inform you how to unlock your mobile phone for free. This is all possible thanks to the new code generator software program which can create a new and accurate sim network that will unlock your mobile phone directly from the carrier’s database. The requirements for this to work are few and you only need to download the tool on our computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone and provide some basic info about the mobile phone you wish to unlock. Normally you will need to know the exact carrier to which your mobile phone is locked to, the IMEI number and the country and to provide a valid email address.

Why it is recommended that you unlock your device via SIM Code method

The software program Sim Network Unlock Pin unlocks any mobile device directly from the network operator’s database. Once unlocked you will gain access to the full potential of your mobile phone. All the features will be at your disposal and on top of that you will be able to use SIM cards from different mobile carriers and when you travel abroad you will not have to use the expensive roaming tariffs to make phone calls. In addition, fully factory unlocked mobile phone can be resold at much better price and much easier. So as you can see the benefits of unlocking your device are many.

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Please have in mind that in order to get the job done right and to unlock the phone you must enter the correct unlock code which our software tool will generate. In case you mistakenly enter a wrong code the tool will not be able to unlock your device. Also, this method will not work and the program will not be able to unlock your cell phone if you do not know the full and correct info about your device such as the exact carrier and country, the accurate IMEI number and the exact model.

This is amazing offer and even though perhaps there are other ways to unlock your mobile phone, no other method is more reliable than the one with the software tool that will create a unique network code and will remove the lock directly from the data base of your network carrier.

Download and Use the Code generator tool now

You can find the code generator program and download it completely for free from our web site by clicking on the provided download links. Perhaps there are other sites that offer this tool but in order to make sure that you will not download suspicious file and programs that are not secure and that may contain viruses it is recommended that you make the download thru our secured links. Once you click on the link, the download will begin in couple seconds. You are not required to provide personal data or to make payment for the use of this tool. It is absolutely free. In case you notice a similar tool that costs money or asks you to add a personal info then you should immediately report it as spam and ignore it completely.

So why miss this amazing offer, download the Cell Phone generator program tool as soon as possible and remove the lock on your mobile phone in a couple minutes.

The Cell phone generator tool works on your computer, laptop, and tablet and can be used even from a smartphone device.

Just click the download button and the tool will be saved on your device in a few seconds.

You can use it on any OS platform. It is compatible with MAC, Windows, and Android, Linux and iOS and works perfectly.


  1. Download the program
  2. Launch it and once the program is initialized you will be shown a document file asking you to provide certain data about the mobile phone
  3. You will be asked to add the correct IMEI number of the device you wish to unlock, carrier and country to which it is locked. Complete the empty fields with the accurate data and proceed
  4. Add a valid email address
  5. Press on the Unlock button
  6. After half hour go to your email address and write the Cell Phone code that will be sent to you
  7. Switch off your mobile phone
  8. Add a new SIM lock from different carrier and country (different country is not required)
  9. Switch on the device again and add the code you received on your email address
  10. Press OK
  11. Congratulations, you have unlocked your mobile phone

The entire procedure is fast, easy and safe. The best part about it is that you can do it from any place. You just need a good internet connection and a bit of patience. Just make sure that you follow the instructions as they are provided above and you will have no problems with the unlock procedure.

In case you have additional questions regarding the software tool which we are offering or you need help with the unlock feel free to contact us at any time, we are always available.

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